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Route 66 : Area 51
USA TOURS 1997-1999

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near Parks, AZ

At the Bellemont, AZ, exit 185 from I-40 there is much to explore. Several alignments of Route 66 are here. South of I-40 three different alignments head westward out of Bellemont. North of I-40 lies a visually rich Route 66 alignment from 1931, carrying one through a pine forest around Fortynine Hill. About a mile east of Parks, AZ, one can see in the photo above the original alignment from 1921 as it passed through the trees westward towards Parks. More about these alignments can be found by clicking on the aerial thumbnail just below.

Here is an aerial view of this region. Click this thumbnail for further information. 66:51

Parks PO

Be sure to stop at the Parks General Store for some homemade sandwiches. Here is the "Post Office". 66:51

near Williams AZ

Between Williams, AZ, and exit 167 of I-40, lies this 1921 alignment of Route 66. Its washboard surface extends into the forest. 66:51

Here is an aerial view of this area. Click this thumbnail for further information.

West of Williams are more alignments from the 1920s and 1930s. Click this thumbnail for further information. 66:51

near Ash Fork, AZ

One can find more old alignments of Route 66 east of Ash Fork at exit 151. About 0.5 miles north of I-40 lies a 1932 alignment extending west towards Ash Fork, with Picacho Butte in the distance.

Here is an aerial view of this area. Click this thumbnail for further information. 66:51

Partridge Creek Bridge

Traveling east from the Crookton Road exit from I-40, one finds Partridge Creek bridge (in the distance here in this photo), a beautiful concrete structure with a tree growing out from its western end! 66:51

Sno Cap

Two treasures (well, three if you consider Ryan, who I thought had cleared the viewfinder) - Route 66 and Juan Delgadillo's Snow Cap - serving us tacos, root beer, and a fake squirting mustard bottle. You have a 50% chance of turning the correct doorknob, and a 100% chance of a unique experience.

This guy is so wierd. He has two knobs on the same side of the door and a sign that says "Sorry, we're open". 66:51

Kingman, AZ

Kingman, AZ, on Route 66. The only Route 66 Roadie way to get there is by taking the Crookton Road exit from I-40 west of Ash Fork, AZ, so that you can get tacos and a root beer at the Sno Cap. 66:51

Black Mountains in AZ

We journied into the Black Mountains west of Kingman, AZ, towards Oatman. We ate breakfast, bought some souveniers, and avoided Burro Biscuits. 66:51

west of Oatman, AZ

Leaving Oatman, AZ, we looked for fossils alongside Route 66.

We are the luckiest people alive to find a fossil here. It is called a Trilobite - an ancient sea creature. 66:51

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