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Route 66 : Area 51
USA TOURS 1997-1999

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old Kansas building

At the north end of Galena, KS, an old building keeps watch over a bend in Route 66. 66:51

Galena Museum

In 1997, Ryan and I visited with Gene Russell at the Galena Museum in Galena, KS. The museum is a fantastic place filled with Route 66 and Galena mining memorabilia - bookmarks of Galena's past.

We found lots of rocks and an old lawnmower. 66:51

Ryan & Gene

In 1998, Ryan looks one year older and Gene looks one year younger! 66:51

Ryan & tank

If only the Pentagon had radar as good as Ryan's. He can detect a piece of military hardware having a cross-section smaller than a dime at 10 kilometers.

This was a big tank and if it was a model it didn't look like it. 66:51

Ryan & AA gun

I am reminded here of a troublesome scene involving Ms. Jane Fonda and a certain piece of military hardware in Hanoi. Maybe someday I'll be able to explain it to Ryan. Right now, I am not sure that I understand it myself. 66:51

old Kansas 66 marker

Mr. Russell tells me that this is an original Route 66 marker. It only appears to be growing out of Ryan's skull. 66:51

Ryan & helicopter

I was talking earlier about Ryan' radar   . . .  

This was a neat Huey helicopter, but without instruments. 66:51

Baxter Springs Area Here is an aerial photograph of Route 66 near Baxter Springs, KS. Click this thumbnail for further information. 66:51

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