"Where ET meets The Mother Road"

Route 66 : Area 51

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NV 375 sign

At the junction of US 93 and Nevada 375, Ryan sought support from an oft-photographed sign. Both of us were tired, having climbed up, and then DOWN Tikaboo Peak. 66:51

NV 375

We saved the receipts from our expenditures on the road and sent them and a brief story about our NV 375 experiences to the folks at the Nevada Commission on Tourism. They sent us this bumper sticker, a T-shirt, a pin that looks like a miniature version of the bumper sticker, and a glow-in-the-dark license plate frame. Thanks Nevada! Is this a great country or what? 66:51

Little A'LE'INN

We had an alien burger here. I believe it was made from dead (but otherwise unmutilated) cows. Or, maybe, could it be? A UFO - an unidentified frying object. 66:51

Area 51 patch

We stopped at the Quick-Pik convenience store for some souveniers, including this great patch. The Area 51 Research Center trailer and another "alien" trailer were both closed. 66:51

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