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Route 66 : Area 51
USA TOURS 1997-2001

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Sadly, we found the U-Drop-Inn in Shamrock, TX, closed, in 1997 and again in 1998. 66:51


West of Shamrock, TX, is this truly bleak scene of abandoned enterprise. This motel and an Edsel are waiting for their occupants, who, unknowingly, are zooming by on I-40 just a few hundreds of meters in the distance. 66:51

Route 66, McLean, TX

This really old Route 66 alignment can be found 0.21 miles west of the I-40 Business (Route 66) intersection with FM 273. It ends abruptly and unceremoniously at the embankment for I-40. 66:51

The 2000 tour included our first visit to The Big Texan, home of the world-famous Becky. Really. You can get a great dinner in a zillion places, but there is only one Becky.
Becky is holding a container of Funk's Grove sirup. This is a bribe. Since Becky is Director of Human Resources for the B.T., I may have to ask her for a job someday. You can zing a few electrons to her online by joining the Route 66 Onelist at egroups.com. 66:51

Here is an aerial view of the area east of Amarillo, TX. Click this thumbnail for further information. 66:51

end of the road

In Vega, TX, an old alignment ends just west of town. 66:51

Almost exactly midway between Chicago and Santa Monica is Adrian, TX, home of the MidPoint Cafe. A wonderful place. Here are Fran and Mel, who have just finished cooking our breakfast, and are now joining Ryan for a photo. 66:51

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